NotInUse-Affordable Sedation Dentistry at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA

In today’s world, effective restorative dentistry with minimally invasive procedures is nearly a must. It is important to select a sedation dentist who offers IV Sedation and Oral Sedation in conjunction or after a procedure. While there are various methods available for getting comfortable, Dr. Mo Saleh is trained in the administration of IV Sedation which gets you relaxed quickly. This method makes it possible to use less general anesthetic (laughing gas), therefore maximizing comfort and safety. He also administers Oral Sedation as well which allows you to relax during the procedure so that you are not stressed and your pain is minimized.

If you are terrified of the dentist, Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA has a solution. Through IV Sedation or Nitrous Oxide sedation, we can help you face your dental fear and get the smile you want without the stress.

Does the thought of going to the dentist keep you from taking care of your teeth? Dr. Mo Saleh is here to help you overcome your anxiety with sedation dentistry. Ask about his revolutionary IV sedation options that provide a comfortable, safe dental experience and allow you to get necessary dental care without the pain or stress you are accustomed to experiencing. He not only provides gentle sedation dentistry in Vancouver, WA, but also focuses on preventive care and cosmetic dentistry so you can get the smile you’ve always dreamed of while avoiding unnecessary invasive procedures. Dr. Mo Saleh has been performing procedures using IV Sedation for many years and is respected as a leader in the field of sedation dentistry.

Affordable IV Sedation Dentistry at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA

Vista Dental,Vancouver, WA pioneered IV Sedation Dentistry for Over 15 Years . The IV Sedation Dentistry has changed the face of dental care, leading the way to producing more comfortable dental patients. Today IV Sedation Dentistry is one of the safest forms of dentistry with a proven track record. With IV Sedation Dentistry you can take the time to discuss your fears and concerns about dental treatment, relax and regain your confidence.

Oral sedation dentistry is ideal for people who have dental fears or anxiety that is too great to deal with under a normal sedation dentist appointment. Worrying about pain or other dental complications is minimized due to the sleep-like state you are in by using oral sedation dentistry. Also, many people travel longer distances for treatment, and it is harder to be knocked out with oral sedation dentistry, making this an ideal alternative for someone looking for convenience and ease as well as comfort. With an oral sedation dentist, your anxiety levels will be much lower than with a regular dental appointment.

The process of being treated with oral sedation dentistry is the same as for any other form of sedation. However, you will be taking a number of medications rather than one. The sedatives used are all known to aid in relaxation without causing significant drowsiness or impairment of cognitive abilities. Most patients who undergo oral sedation require no further treatment and are able to leave straight away after treatment has finished.

The Oral Sedation Dentistry treatments offered at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA include nitrous oxide sedation and oral conscious sedation to make your dental visits more comfortable. In addition to the peace of mind associated with no anesthetic injections, you’ll receive total relaxation during treatment–including no memory of the experience.

Affordable Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is a sedative that is inhaled through a small face mask and delivers fast, gentle relief from dental anxiety. Dr. Mo Saleh’s office uses state-of- the-art equipment so there is no scalding of the skin or accidental suffocation. It is actually quite safe, even for children who are new to sedation dentistry. Using Nitrous Oxide for sedation dentistry can help to alleviate anxiety, make a procedure more comfortable, and increase recall of treatment information, all good benefits of adding N2O to your dental care practice, nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) works slowly to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with dental procedures. If you’re looking for a way to de-stress during your dental visit talk to Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA, we offer nitrous oxide sedation that will relax you and make your dental experience more comfortable.

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