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A full mouth dental implant is an innovative procedure that can replace all of your natural teeth. Implant dentistry is becoming one of the most frequent dental procedures and is advancing significantly in its techniques for treating the full set of teeth. It has been proven that this procedure is more effective than traditional methods for replacing missing or diseased teeth. Although this procedure can help people gain their oral health back and maintain a beautiful smile, it is natural to feel apprehensive about undergoing such a complex mouth surgery.

With Vista Dental’s Affordable Full mouth dental implants, we can successfully replace all the teeth in the upper and lower jaws at one time. This comprehensive approach simplifies treatment by dealing with all your teeth at once, improving the stability of your new dentition, and saving you time and money. Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA specializes in single-implant, multiple-implant, fixed partial dentures, and removable partial dentures that are customized to fit each patient’s unique facial structure.

Implant-supported full-mouth reconstruction has helped countless people improve their smiles and boost their confidence. But full-mouth implant dentures can ensure permanent teeth replacement at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.

Vista Dental provides top-quality dental implants in Vancouver, WA, and the surrounding area. If you are missing teeth and would like a way to replace them that won’t slow down your daily life, permanently lose your natural teeth, or cost an arm and a leg, you may be a great candidate for a full mouth dental implant. Full mouth dental implant is very affordable and the cost depends on the type of dentures needed.

Full mouth dental implant procedure at Vista Dental in Vancouver, Wa

A full mouth dental implant procedure is a single-step solution. It offers the ability to replace all of your teeth in one surgery. It can include replacing all of your upper teeth and lower teeth, or just the upper or lower arches.

This implant procedure lets you have a full-mouth reconstruction that will give you the smile of your dreams. The entire process may be done in a matter of hours. All at a very affordable cost to you.The success of dental implant procedures hinges on the successful placement of a titanium screw next to the bone.

With full mouth procedures, trying to properly place implants in each jaw requires implanting multiple screws. Most dental implants are typically placed in the anterior portion of the mouth, but today’s patient has become more demanding and placement options have increased. Innovation in implant dentistry is yielding new opportunities that were not available in the past. Now everyone can afford a new smile with confidence. The dental implant procedures are intuitive, simple & safe now. All full mouth implant procedures incorporate the latest technology in implant placement and oral surgery to provide a more comfortable, efficient, cost-effective smile that will last a lifetime.

All on 6 & All on 4 Dental Implants at Vista Dental in Vancouver, Wa

Dental implants are increasingly being recognised as the gold standard treatment for supporting replacement teeth.

Dr.Mo Saleh is a pioneer in All on 4 as well as All on 6 dental implants. His advanced training allowed him to bring next-generation treatment to patients. Dr.Mo Saleh’s team has performed hundreds of implant surgeries and restored smiles for his patients who previously were unable to smile with confidence. Dental implants They look, feel, and function like natural teeth, so you can enjoy the health benefits of a lifetime. They are the best replacement option for missing teeth and help regain your confidence and self-esteem.

Talk to the Vista Dental team about your affordable implant options.

If you need to immediately replace broken teeth or want to give yourself the option of replacing all of your teeth in your mouth, a full mouth dental implant may be right for you. Come and meet with Dr. Mo Saleh to discuss the procedure and set up a consultation to take the next step toward achieving optimal oral health.

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Affordable All on 6 Dental Implants at at Vista Dental in Vancouver, Wa

All-on-6 implant dentistry is the solution to one of the most common problems in dental implant dentistry : insufficient bone volume. It refers to implanting 6 or more dental implants into a single extraction socket, thus creating an arch of 3 or more implants instead of 2 on traditional 2-on-2 implant overdentures.

All on 6 dental implant surgery, or 6-for-6, means placing six “implants” into the jawbone where missing teeth used to be. This can replace as many as twenty-six teeth. In addition to having a great new smile, you will open up several new opportunities for proper nutrition and further oral health routine.

Proudly supported by the American Dental Association, All on 6 is an implant solution that offers a higher standard of care that ‘bridges the gap’ between conventional anchorage and fixed dental prostheses. It can be used for single posterior implants in the lower (or upper) jaw; as well as multiple anterior implants when long term support of fixed or removable dentures is required. It is an outstanding solution for edentulism patients requiring implants for overdentures who cannot accept immediate loading due to lack of bone volume, dysfunction or atrophy of adjacent supporting structures, insufficient soft tissue coverage, severe implant sites etc,.