NotInUse-Affordable Dental Emergency Treatments at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA

When you’re dealing with a dental emergency you need a dentist you can trust. An emergency dentist can help identify the problem and treat it in time to save your teeth, and ultimately your smile. Having an emergency dentist on call can save you from making unnecessary trips to the dentist or worst of all—enduring painful oral injuries or having to undergo an oral surgery procedure.

Dental emergencies don’t happen often, but they can be a big hassle if you’re unprepared. When you experience a dental emergency, it’s important to contact Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA as quickly as possible. We know how daunting this can be. When it comes to dental emergencies, time is of utmost essence. With Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA, you can feel confident that no matter how urgent, you’ll be taken care of!

Affordable Root Canal treatment at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA

Root canals date back to the 19th century. Despite their high success rate and how commonplace they are today, many people maintain a phobia of them. Did you know? You are 1 in 3 adults who will experience a root canal by age 65. It’s a pain that affects millions of Americans, but one that can be treated effectively. The stigma surrounding root canal covers the truth that this is a relatively simple and painless procedure. Root canal treatment is generally performed to save your natural teeth. The procedure does not require removal of any tissue or bone from your mouth, nor does it require general anesthesia. It is a surgery to remove an infected or dead tooth otherwise known as root canal. The pain and suffering from an untreated abscessed tooth can be excruciating and complete avoidance of symptoms requires oral surgery. Root canal treatment on the other hand can heal the pain from an infected tooth using a modern medical procedure and protect good teeth from an undetected problem that could eventually become a costly extraction. Please, don’t procrastinate. See Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA, on the first twinge of a dental problem. It’s easier to treat now, before the situation becomes more complicated.

Affordable Tooth Extraction at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA

Tooth extraction is a common dental procedure performed by dental surgeons. Often, teeth need to be extracted in order to preserve the wellbeing of an individual. Teeth are often extracted because of pain or infection, following a trauma that has caused damage to the teeth and/or surrounding tissues and bone, or to facilitate the patient’s orthodontic treatment plan. The nerve cells of a tooth continue to live for some time after the tooth is removed, and can result in cold sensitivity for several months following extraction. If you need to have a tooth extraction, Dr. Mo Saleh has years of experience performing surgical extraction on many patients. In some cases, the tooth may be able to be removed in our office using local anesthetics and IV sedation. If not,Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA offers both local and IV sedation for patients for their comfort during the procedure.

Affordable Tooth infection Treatment at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA

A tooth infection or dental abscess is a localized infection of the tissue of the infected tooth, the tissues surrounding it (periodontal ligament and alveolar bone), and more rarely the jawbone or adjacent teeth. When a dental infection won’t go away, antibiotics are often prescribed. But what if that doesn’t fix it? If you still have pain and swelling,Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA may recommend a root canal. This procedure can be helpful for people with severe tooth infections, but sometimes it’s not necessary.

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