NotInUse-Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA

Cosmetic dentistry is the fastest growing dental specialty in the United States . It has become the most prevalent treatment for tackling many social issues, such as crooked or crowded teeth, dental decay or staining. In addition to its growing popularity with patients. Cosmetic dentistry is used for restoring smiles and improving the health and appearance of teeth. Dental Implants, Crooked Teeth, Teeth Whitening, Braces, Veneers, Tooth Colored Fillings, Gum Disease.

At Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA , we focus on cosmetic dentistry to give our patients attractive smiles that boost self-esteem and confidence. Our custom dental solutions are designed to optimize your smile, whether you’re interested in Invisalign clear aligner treatments, porcelain veneers for a gleaming new look, or dental implants that stabilize teeth and looks natural.

Affordable Ultra Thin Dental Veneer at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA

The Ultra-Thin dental veneer is only 2.5 millimeters thin (0.1 inches). It attaches to the teeth without affecting their biting or chewing function, and protects them from biting into hard objects, such as cookies and nuts. Made of a high-quality porcelain material that is healthy for your teeth, gums, and surrounding soft tissue, this veneer is white in color and durable enough to last for many years. Ultra Thin Dental Veneer – porcelain veneers by at Vista Dental is the best way to whiten your teeth today.

Affordable Dental Veneers at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA

Dental veneers give you the versatility in design that you have been searching for. Dental Veneers are an ideal solution for the enhancement of your smile. A veneer is a tooth-colored shell that is placed over or bonded to the front of a tooth. We make a new veneer in our office from two porcelain shells. This custom veneer is matched with special adhesives to the rest of the tooth, restoring it to its original appearance.Dental Veneers are the most elegant and premium cosmetic solution available for crooked, stained or discolored teeth. Veneers are made of porcelain, which is a tooth-colored ceramic material that bonds to your natural teeth. Veneers are strong and durable, and can naturally “electrically charge” your teeth, making them more resistant to stains. When they are used to cover front teeth, veneers are known for both their tooth-colored appearance and their strength.

Affordable Lumineer at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA

The Lumineers Veneers are the highest quality ceramic veneers available. These new porcelain veneers bond right over your teeth offering you a full smile makeover. Made either for the front teeth or back teeth, they provide natural-looking tooth whitening and immediate results. Lumineers is the first tooth-colored dental filling that claims to not only cover up your tooth’s unsightly flaws, but actually improve the strength, beauty, whiteness and integrity of your teeth.

The dentists at Vista Dental are some of the best cosmetic dentists in the country, so let us introduce you to a revolutionary cosmetic dental procedure called lumineers. They’re beautiful, natural-looking and stunningly realistic porcelain veneers that correct your smile and can give you a boost of confidence! Our team is excited about this dental breakthrough and we assure you that you will love your smile after having lumineers done by our elite cosmetic dentists.

Affordable Dental Bonding at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA

Dramatically change the appearance of your smile with dental bonding. Unlike veneers or other dental restorations, which are permanently cemented to the teeth, cosmetic bonding allows you to achieve a new smile without invasive procedures. If you’re bothered by large spaces, crooked teeth, stains, misalignment, or chipped enamel, count on cosmetic bonding to correct the imperfections in your smile and create one that is startlingly beautiful.

Affordable Cosmetic Gum Surgery at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA

Cosmetic gum surgery can boost your self-confidence by making you appear more youthful. Gum lifts and veneers are two simple procedures which can seriously help you boost your self-confidence. Find out how cosmetic gum surgery can change your life for the better in a few days.

Affordable Teeth whitening in at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA

Our dentist with over 15 years of experience can help you overcome years of stains on your teeth, cavities, and other problems that arise from a poor diet, age or certain medications. Whether you want healthier teeth, whiter teeth or both, come see our dentist and get started today. We are committed to providing a safe, cost effective solution to your teeth whitening needs.

Vista Dental offers a complete line of teeth whitening services. Our patients have been thrilled with the results and very impressed by the professionalism and skill level of our staff.

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