NotInUse-High-Quality Affordable Dental Implants at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA

High-Quality Affordable Dental Implants at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA

When you don’t have any teeth, it can be embarrassing, especially when you smile. Dental implants are an ideal solution for those who have lost teeth and want to improve their smile and mouth profile. It starts with fabricating a titanium post that is placed in the jawbone for supported placement. The titanium post will be submerged under the gum line, and the surface will be finished to match your teeth. After the jawbone has fused with the implant, you will get a permanent crown to cover the actual implant.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium, a biologically inert metal. The implant totally replaces the function of an extracted tooth and functions like a natural tooth in structural support and function. It is anchored into the jawbone and osseointegrated (fused) with the surrounding bone, enabling dentures to snap into place. It supports crowns, bridges and dentures. Dental implants can be placed in the upper or lower jawbone and mimic features of natural tooth roots. This titanium dental implant is made to replace a single missing tooth or multiple lost teeth.

You can feel self-assured knowing that Dr. Moh Saleh and his team will provide a comfortable, unhurried consultation designed to address all of your questions and concerns, and help you make informed decisions about your treatment. Dr. Moh Saleh & his team assures to provide a safe, high-quality dental implant service with optimal results. Vista dental works closely with you to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive and individualized treatment plan possible for achieving your long-term oral health goals.

Our team of experts at Vista  Dental has access to the best technology in cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery, including dental implants.

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Affordable Porcelain, Titanium, zirconia implant & mini implant at Vista Dental in Vancouver, Wa


Porcelain dental implants are used as a foundation for artificial teeth. They are anchored into the jawbone and are made from a mixture of materials including porcelain, zirconium oxide, or titanium.

Titanium, zirconia implant, mini implant is a removable teeth replacement used to replace one or more missing teeth. It is a permanent object and can be removed only by the dental surgeon who placed it there. It is used to improve dental health and appearance. Titanium and Zirconia Dental Implants provide a permanent, stable solution when tooth loss is present. The end results are better than filling since an implant mimics your natural tooth root structure. Each customized implant is designed to provide stability and withstand the forces of chewing and speaking.

Mini Dental Implants at Vista Dental in Vancouver, Wa


The mini implant is a small dental implant used to replace one compromised tooth. Made from titanium, the implant’s screw holds the crown firmly in place. It works well with mini dental bridges, and looks natural in your mouth.

The mini power implant is recommended for patients who have lost a single tooth and who desire to restore that space with a dental implant. The implant structure is a load bearing implant with 3.5 mm diameter threads that can be stabilized or Osseo integrated to the bone in the mouth.

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Titanium Dental Implants at Vista Dental in Vancouver, Wa


Titanium is a material that has been used for bone replacement for over 25 years. The application of titanium implants in dentistry dates to the emergence of overdentures in the 1960s and implant rehabilitation in the 1970s. Although nonbiologic, titanium exhibits several properties that have led to widespread use of these

Titanium implants offer excellent biocompatibility, the ability to accommodate osseointegration and minimal degradation of morphological appearance. Currently, the treatment of maxillary deficiency by different techniques (guided bone regeneration, sinus floor augmentation, onlay bone grafting, implant placement) is a very challenging approach which may not be totally predictable.

Zirconia Dental Implants at Vista Dental in Vancouver, Wa


An increasingly popular choice for implant dentists, metal-free micro-alloyed zirconia ceramic implants have been used to replace both single and multiple tooth sites. Used for their natural feel and appearance as well as their biointegration properties, micro-alloyed zirconia implants are the ideal solution for patients interested in replacement of missing teeth. Made from a stable thermoplastic zirconium oxide material with precious metal alloys introduced for hardness where needed, these implants have many of the same qualities as those made from the all-metal counterparts that are considered standard worldwide.

At Vista Dental Center, we use the latest cutting-edge dental technologies combined with concentrated, compassionate care.If you want a tooth that is as strong and healthy as your own, then we have a customized solution for you.

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High-Quality Affordable Dental Implants at Vista Dental, Vancouver, WA